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Insuring all the risks related to manufacturing and use of aircrafts

Filhet-Allard has a 10 year experience in the aviation industry. We design tailor-made insurance solutions with european insurance carriers for French and foreign risks. We provide solutions for aircraft manufacturers, subcontractors, contractors, maintenance operations airports and pilots.



There are various insurance policies which cover damages to third parties caused by your business, to their property, or people you are in custody.
Depending on your needs, the following insurance covers are available : aviation liability, product liability, errors and omissions, airport liability, hull insurance.
Comprehensive Building Insurance

Comprehensive Building Insurance

Filhet-Allard offers specific policies which meet the needs of tenants and owners aircraft hangars. These policies provide both Property Damage and Liability coverage.
Hull insurance

Hull insurance

Hull insurance policies are designed to cover damages to your aircrafts.
Pilot personal accident insurance provides compensation in case of a permanent disability or death.


We also provide an assistance policy: " Leisure and Business", which covers breakdown or failure related expenses, repatriation resulting from weather conditions. These policies include both Aircraft and/or Traveler's assistance.

Analysis, Advice, Optimization

Our mission: optimizing your risks' coverage at the best price on the market.
To achieve this goal, we systematically audit existing covers, and advise you on each insurance issue.
We can also conduct a global audit of your risks in order to cut down your insurance budget with the best conditions.

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