Business Risks

Safeguarding the long-term future of your business against major risks

Filhet-Allard covers any and all risks you are likely to face in your line of work. From property insurance to protection against emerging risks, we will advise you on the most suitable solution for your environment to secure your accounts and your bottom line.

Property damage

Filhet-Allard provides a wide array of comprehensive solutions to cover damage caused to your buildings, equipment and inventories, along with any related operating losses.

Fleet management

Filhet-Allard currently insures over 650,000 vehicles and covers all fleet requirements, including contract audits, negotiations, fleet management, compensation and claim tracking.

Corporate liability

In the course of its business, your company risks liability for damages caused to third parties. To forestall these risks, Filhet-Allard provides a range of contract options including general, professional, D&O, EPL and environmental insurance.

Cyber risks

We can also help you find the best solution to protect you against risks in line with technological, regulatory and policy developments in areas such as cybercrime, use and storage of personal data, fraud and kidnapping.

Our approach

Risk Management

To fulfil our mission, we always start by reviewing your current situation to pinpoint any specific insurance issues for you.


We deliver expertise and creative solutions to help you optimise the cost of risks.


We put seasoned specialists at the service of each client to ensure seamless day-to-day management of plans and claims.

Want to talk to one of our specialists? We’d be happy to hear from you.