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Insure your projects from the construction to the operation phase

Construction insurance is a very specific area for which technical expertise is critical. It is also conducted within a very complex legal framework with constant changes in regulation. Filhet-Allard assists you during all phases of your project whether you are general contractors, or contractors, subcontractors or principals.

Project owner  liability

Project owner liability

These liability policies protect project owners for any damages caused to third party arising out during the construction process.
Decennial Liability

Decennial Liability

Filhet-Allard offers contractors decennial liability policies which are tailor made to their business. It is compulsory by law for any parties involved in a construction project. We provide also specific non contractors extension for project developers, sellers or assistant project managers.
Construction All Risks

Construction All Risks

Filhet-Allard performs complete assessment of your construction project in order to design the best insurance programme during the course of works.
Dommages ouvrage

Dommages ouvrage

Likewise the decennial liability, this cover is compulsory by law for project owners. It is a first party guarantee toward any damages related to decennial liability.